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Your brand carries your message and so getting your labelling right is really important. Check out our label templates here and then let your creative juices flow. Once you are happy with your artwork, send it over to us for a second opinion.... then its print time!


We offer you a choice of services when it comes to label design and print. 
We have an in house design checking service to help with your layout and content as well as a fully professional label printing service with low MOQ, the highest quality finishes and competitive pricing.

When designing your labels, there are a couple of things to consider, a check list of requirements and recommendations to make sure you include all the right information for your customers:

Custom Coffee Sample Label

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 1.42.09 PM.jpeg

This image of an example label design layout, we have highlighted some of the areas to consider below:

1. Brand logo - this is your chance to shine! Make your brand stand out and become the feature of the label.

2. Blend Name - Important to be able to easily differentiate between your blends and products. A blend name gives clarity and identification.

3. Heading Tasting Notes - Whilst not essential, this line can often entice your customers to base their choices on. We recommend keeping it short and high level as don't forget coffee tasting is very subjective.

4. Roast Profile - Slightly more important than tasting notes, this allows your customers to choose their own preferred roasting profiles. Your customers will likely know if they prefer Light, Medium or Dark roasted coffees.  

5. Net Weight - this is a statutory requirement and must be displayed on the packaging somewhere, it is normally put on the front label to allow customers to identify quickly. 

6. Coffee Format - An equally important point on your label should be to clearly identify the format, it shows that you offer a choice and having a mutli choice option prevents you from having to print multiple versions of the same label for different formats. We recommend Whole Bean and Filter Ground as your bare minimum.

7. Contact Information - Your website or company email are a good chance to attract repeat business from your customers.

Custom Coffee recommendation

"Some of the very best designs are the simplest ones, don't over complicate it and if you have lots of information to show, think about a rear label"

Private Label Production

We offer a full print service for larger run production label runs also. If you are looking for these services, please get in touch.

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