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Get your Online Coffee Business Started Today

You have already worked out the smartest way to getting your ecommerce drinks brand is with Custom Coffee, now lets show you just how easy it is, how much it costs and all the steps in between:

Step 1
Complete the Sign-Up form below and submit it to us, this will then provide us with your essential contact details to add you to our system for future contact.

Step 2
You will receive a link to order your sample pack online, select all the products you want to sample and submit the form, you will be sent an invoice for this pack (these will be real full sized packs of fresh product to enjoy and will be charged at £4.75/item), as soon as it has been paid, the products will be created and dispatched to your nominated address.

Step 3
Once you have received your sample pack, test the products and build your product range on the PRODUCT SPECIFICATION form contained within the pack. 

Step 4
Once your product specification & next steps forms have been completed, you then need to book in your 1-2-1 consultation meeting with one of our onboarding team. This can be done in two ways, a virtual online meeting or a physical roastery tour & meet the team. They are charged at £75 & £150 respectively and needs to be booked and paid for in advance. The virtual meeting usually takes approximately 1 hour and the tour usually takes 2-3 hours.

Step 5
Have your labels designed and signed off ready for print.
Have your artwork files available to transfer during your 1-2-1 meeting with us.

Step 6
Have your e-commerce store account setup and ready to populate products onto. All backend setup should be completed ahead of your 1-2-1 meeting.

Step 7
Have your 1-2-1 consultation meeting with us, during which time we will complete your account setup, receive your label artwork, connect your online store to our fulfilment software and setup your direct debit. We can then advise of any further finishing steps that maybe required ahead of your soft launch.

Step 8
Populate your web store with your products including the custom SKU codes we will have provided you. Ready for your soft launch.

Step 9
Publish your site and then put through a live test order to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Step 10
Receive an invite to a customer service WhatsApp business group for ongoing account support now that your site is live and selling!

STEP 1: Complete this signup form and submit.

Please complete the form below where required

Thank you, we'll send you the link in 5 minutes...

Once submitted, sit back and wait for us to get in touch - we will be no more than 5 mins...

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